Guest List & On-Line RSVP

  • creates and organizes wedding guest list database which is integrated with the public wedding website
  • accepts single and multiple RSVPs which updates guest list database
  • track guest list statistics and rsvp status

Wedding Checklist

  • pre-sets with 12 months wedding planning checklist
  • allows you to plug-in wedding to-do task into your wedding calendar
  • track each progress status of each task
  • easily add /remove task on the checklist database

Vendors & Budget Tracker

  • helps you manage, compare, and select all wedding vendors in mind
  • keeps your established budget for your wedding and determine if over or under budget right away once you plug-in the costs
  • manages and tracks the active selected options or keep non-selected options for record keeping

Calendar & Checklist

  • allows you to plug-in wedding activities which also helps you track the important datesduring the wedding planning stage
  • keep the calendar activities private, for personal use, or public, for everyone to see on your piblic wedding website
  • allows you to track deadlines for your wedding checklist or to-do list

Reception Table Organizer

  • lets you organize your wedding reception table which helps you manage RSVP database and seating arrangements at the same time

Photo Album Manager

  • helps you share and manage your on-line photo album before and after the wedding
  • allows single and multiple uploading of your photo

Wedding Website

  • lets you share your wedding details and information on the internet in one place
  • admin control panel tool will let you manage and update your website information as it becomes available
  • personalize your wedding website according to your desired theme or themes

Admin Control Panel

  • allows you to manage wedding planner tools and weddng website in one place
  • password protected and only you have access
  • user friendly, easy to navigate and use

"Organize your wedding details using OurWeddingAgenda wedding planner tools. Customized a wedding website and start sharing your wedding details with families and friends."

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to do to start using the wedding agenda wedding planner tools?
A: You have to register to avail your one year standard FREE subscription. After registration, you can log-in and start using the standard wedding agenda planner tools which also manage your public wedding website. It will be set-up and running in just few minutes. You can also upgrade anytime to a premuim subscription that has value added features.

Q: What do we need to do to start our wedding website?
A: Register to avail your FREE wedding website. It will be set-up and running in minutes. You can also upgrade anytime to a premuim subscription that has value added features.

Q: How long will it take for us to see our wedding website on-line?
A: Your wedding website will be live on the Internet immediately after signing up.

Q: How do we add wedding contents or updates into our personalized wedding website by using the wedding planner tools?
A: You can log-in using your registered e-mail address and password on ourweddingagenda log-in section and start using the wedding planner tools. Save all the wedding contents or updates you want to add and update your wedding website 24/7 from your Wedding Admin Control Panel.

Q: Who will have access to your Wedding Admin Control Panel?
A: You control the access to your wedding Admin Control Panel with your password. It is your responsibility to keep this information private.

Q: What will be my wedding website domain name?
A: By default your wedding website domain name will be If you want to customize or own personalize domain name (i.e., you can upgrade to deluxe subscription.

Q: Can I upload photos to my Wedding Website?
A: The Wedding Admin Control Panel has an easy-to-use tool which allows you to transfer your photos from your computer to your wedding website.